To Target the Heart

ttth1-6May the Best Man Win

Hamish’s life has grown stagnant. As a prince of Tirglas, he is expected to marry and secure political ties for his family in the form of children. But Hamish has no interest in the countless women his mother, Queen Fiona, parades before him and certainly isn’t looking forward to her playing matchmaker with him and the Udynea Empire’s ambassador.

Having Darshan vris Mhanek arrive in place of the expected countess in something of a blessing, although Queen Fiona sees only upheaval in the imperial prince’s presence. When a simple, very public, kiss makes Darshan’s desires for Hamish known, Queen Fiona wastes little time ordering a contest of arms for every eligible noblewoman in the kingdom.

The prize? Her son’s hand.

With the risk of starting a civil war—or worse, one with Udynea—looming over them, both Hamish and Darshan must conceal their growing affections and rely on the few willing to help them make it through to the final test. If their plan succeeds, their union will shake both their lands.


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