Through Smoke and Fire

Through Smoke and Fire2Born into slavery, Kaheran knows he has one last chance to avoid the mines, a fate that can only mean a slow and agonising death. It is a slim chance for a defiant labourer who looks to be on death’s door, yet it seems that fate has gifted him with another chance after he is bought as a pet project for a sympathising young noblewoman, Adya.

But all is not right.

When an altercation with a nobleman sees him trained as his mistress’ bodyguard, Kaheran starts to fall for the woman he is meant to protect. He must learn to conceal his feelings and play the part given to him. Even as the city, having long been a hub for the empire’s slave trade, turns against itself. Unrest threatens everything he’s gained and promises more than he’s ever dreamt of having. For the first time in his life, true freedom is within reach.

Will the price be one he’s ready to pay?


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