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Just Stop It!

When I first started the spellster series, I was pretty adamant that each couple’s story would be confined to one book, with maybe the odd novella appearing here and there to expand on things. But the events that will transpire (or rather, unknowingly have transpired, depending on how you look at the timeline) made it… Continue reading Just Stop It!

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Darshan vris Mhanek – A Long and Involved Backstory

Typically when I write the backstory of a character, it’s somewhat uncomplicated and in the background. The whole reason for starting a story at a particular moment is in that this point is the moment where an irreversible change occurs. A dull life is shaken up. The left fork in the road is taken instead… Continue reading Darshan vris Mhanek – A Long and Involved Backstory

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Hoo boy… what a month.

Things have been pretty hectic here for much of October. We didn’t have a fully functioning kitchen for some time, far longer than anybody anticipated (we do now, although lacking a proper bench). Some of that time was due to the builders mucking us around, but everything after the flooring and walls was because of… Continue reading Hoo boy… what a month.

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End of Month Wrap Up

Well, I actually went and added another 1700 words to my 20k goal for this month’s Camp National Novel Writing Month. Probably could’ve added more, but I faffed around the weekend just gone. Our washing machine died. Announced its end of life by piddling all over the laundry, but we’ve battled worse. It was 11 years… Continue reading End of Month Wrap Up