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Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday

Golden Dawn is free for this weekend, so my fellow¬†Weekend Writing Warriors¬†and¬†Snippet Sunday¬†Folk, here’s a piece from that my paranormal romance…   In this piece, Herald has just demanded a clear answer from his father about how long a certain woman in the tower has been there…   His father’s dark brow twitched at Herald’s… Continue reading Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday

Golden Dawn · The Unborn Trilogy

Free Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

  Click on the above image to reach this promotion and, amongst all the other fine books there, you’ll find that¬†Golden Dawn is FREE for these two days.   ¬†Family and blood. After 1100 years, these simple words mean everything to Herald. His life has been ruled by keeping his siblings safe, keeping them from… Continue reading Free Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

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Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday

Because the fourth chapter of¬†In Pain and Blood¬†will also be here today, I’m taking a break from posting its excerpts this week. If you’re at all curious what happened after the attack, there are 5000+ words coming on the subject. Instead, my fellow¬†Weekend Writing Warriors, I’ll be¬†taking a piece out of an altogether different book…… Continue reading Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday

Cover Reveal · The Unborn Trilogy

Cover Reveal… Golden Dawn!

Eeee! I’m so excited! Although, admittedly, it feels a little odd, going through the publishing process again for Golden Dawn, but yeah…The last time Golden Dawn was released into the world, I’d rather sporadic internet back then, and had lost it completely by the original release date, leaving me with the option of hauling my… Continue reading Cover Reveal… Golden Dawn!