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2020 Goals

Happy 2020! Over the last few New Years, I’ve set myself a few writing goals.  Last year, about half of them got done. My goals for this year are few in number, but will require a lot more of my time.   The Goals… Get To Target the Heart, edited and published. This is complete… Continue reading 2020 Goals

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2018 Goals and Other News

Happy 2018, everyone! Last year I set myself a few writing goals in the beginning of the New Year. A lot of them didn’t get done, with In Pain and Blood commanding much of my time. I did get a few more books read than 2016, but fell well short of the twelve I’d set myself…  … Continue reading 2018 Goals and Other News

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My muse has mistaken me for a butterfly

Although … it might think I’m a bee. Or possibly a humming bird.So far, my last few weeks have sort of gone like this: Critique.Rewrite a bit of Golden Dawn.Write some of The Gems of Thardrandia.Write some of DOW.Think about Witch of Morthin.Rewrite a bit of Golden Dawn.Critique.Write some of DOW.Go back to critiquing.Rewrite a bit of… Continue reading My muse has mistaken me for a butterfly