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Character Growth – DOB Edition

Whilst I’m going through the older stuff I’ve still got kicking around for Dark One’s Bride, I’ve found myself stumbling into quite a few pieces that just didn’t mesh with Clara’s whole personality. I would like to think I knew that at the time of writing it, but I persisted for so long taking Clara… Continue reading Character Growth – DOB Edition

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Hoo boy… what a month.

Things have been pretty hectic here for much of October. We didn’t have a fully functioning kitchen for some time, far longer than anybody anticipated (we do now, although lacking a proper bench). Some of that time was due to the builders mucking us around, but everything after the flooring and walls was because of… Continue reading Hoo boy… what a month.

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When in Doubt, Send in the Assassins!

I first wrote a large chunk of Dark One’s Bride way back in November of 2013, not long after Dark One’s Mistress was originally published. Back then, it was the second of a duology. And, technically, complete. But it felt rushed, especially the second half which became Dark One’s Wife. Whilst struggling on with a… Continue reading When in Doubt, Send in the Assassins!