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Cover Makeover – An Unexpected Gift

Most of my stories wind up with a mock or temporary cover as I write them, it helps me think about the theme of the story and the plot. Often, I’ll think up whole scenes whilst fluffing about with covers.   When it came to An Unexpected Gift’s cover, I wanted simple. I see the… Continue reading Cover Makeover – An Unexpected Gift

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Cover Makeover: Dark One’s Mistress

You might’ve noticed a few changes happening around my blog and website, or even other places on the web. Mostly the alteration of a certain bright red cover. That cover is no more. Dark One’s Mistress has undergone its third cover change, the second by me alone after I self-published it. I quite liked its… Continue reading Cover Makeover: Dark One’s Mistress

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Other Covers in the Spellster Series

I’m on some sort of inspirational roll here. Since Monday, I’ve been determined to finish up In Pain and Blood by the end of February. So far, I’m making an average of 1k a day, even taking into count the pitiful 100 words I did on my scheduled day off. Still, given that I’ve only… Continue reading Other Covers in the Spellster Series