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Whilst I am neck deep in writing a little extra scene for it, In Pain and Blood is in the process of having its blog tour set up… ✰ BOOK TOUR with ARC REVIEWS ✰ In Pain and Blood by @AldreaAlien Reviewers/Bloggers Sign Up Here — Gay Book Promotions (@gaybookpromo) November 7, 2017  … Continue reading Blog Tours and Bookmarks


Fraud Twice Felt by J.T. Hall

Title: Fraud Twice Felt

Author: J.T. Hall

Release Date: 29th May 2017


Three weeks after solving his old boyfriend’s murder, bounty hunter Derwin Bryant is trying to let go of the past and embrace his new life with Elliot Leed, a former rentboy and fellow Oddity. Elliot, meanwhile, is trying to adjust to working at Bob’s Bail Bonds and having a real relationship despite his strange power of Object Reading. Hanging over the couple is the fear that Roy Yoshiro, notorious gang lord, will make good on his threats to claim Elliot. If that happens, not even Derwin’s superhuman strength will be enough to protect the man he loves.
Their concerns are overshadowed when Derwin’s friend asks for help finding her missing son. It’s not long before the case takes Derwin and Elliot back to the crime-ridden underbelly of the city and straight into Yoshiro’s clutches. Two gangs are vying for power, and Derwin and Elliot get caught in the middle of their very public fight.
Derwin and Elliot must find a way to thwart both gangs’ plans and escape alive. This time, one misstep could spell disaster for all the inhabitants of Nis.


Too Tough to Tame by W.S. Long

Title: Too Tough to Tame

Author: W.S. Long

Release Date: 8th April 2017


After Caleb Youngblood proposed to Sebastian Rush, the two men think everything should be smooth sailing. Marriage planning has started and the future is bright. Caleb is an openly out stock car racer, while Sebastian is offered the chance to work with a major TV studio as a cameraman at the Rio Olympics.

But Caleb is at a crossroads. The racing world may not be ready for an openly gay driver. Even though he wants to race, the family business is barely making money. And Caleb, being the face of Youngblood family, may be too much for conservative fans. Meanwhile, when an ex-lover of Sebastian’s reappears, secrets from his past cause friction between Sebastian and Caleb.

Should Caleb continue to race? Is Sebastian’s and Caleb’s love for one another strong enough to overcome what happened in the past? Or is their life together too tough to tame?

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Savage Swords by Viel Nast

Free Until the 22nd March

Title: Savage Swords

Author: Viel Nast

Release Date: 1st February 2017

Genre: Sword & Sorcery

This is the first tale of my tribute to the great old one series, where I will honor writers and artists that cultivated my love for heroic fantasy, while I present my fantasy world Land of Oyr.
The character created will be used in more stories and play a further role (as well as their descendants) in the history of my world and the kingdom of Tarantis in particular.