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Paperback of Dark One’s Bride

Usually, we get our mail quite late in the day, around 4pm. So, it’s not often I’ll be woken by someone announcing there’s mail for me. But this morning was one of those happy days, bringing the proof of Dark One’s Bride to my waiting hands. Or rather, my daughter’s. You can watch the unboxing… Continue reading Paperback of Dark One’s Bride

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The Spellster Timeline – Take II

Back in February, I started slotting the stories within the Spellster Series into a chronological sequence and, based on what I already had for In Pain and Blood, stepped forward and back in time thanks to my trusty Aeon Timeline program. There’s still quite a bit of refining to be done on exact dates, but… Continue reading The Spellster Timeline – Take II

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Tirglas – A Land of Giants

“Is everything in this kingdom so frutzian huge? I mean the horses, the hills… The men. A little forewarning that this was a land of giants would have been nice.” – Darshan vris Mhanek, To Target the Heart One of the main differences between Darshan and Hamish is the latter’s height (not super surprising considering I’ve… Continue reading Tirglas – A Land of Giants

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Cover Reveal – Dark One’s Bride

Omg! It’s finally time to reveal the cover for Dark One’s Bride, the second in my Young Adult Gothic/Fantasy Romance. I’m not going to drag this out. I’ve been sitting on this (and am still sitting on the last cover) ever since I last revamped the cover for Dark One’s Mistress. That’s too long! And… And…… Continue reading Cover Reveal – Dark One’s Bride