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Part of the reason I don’t actually put a series number on the Spellster Series is due to the novels, the main ones at least, being stand alones. People should be able to read them in any order they choose, even if that order is likely to be the publication one. But sorting out the… Continue reading Not-so-linear…

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An Unexpected Gift is live!

  Back before I was really even finished with In Pain and Blood, I kept getting pieces of story that happened after the main novel, but which also didn’t fit into the novel. I still get odd bits here and there, but nothing pulls as strongly as An Unexpected Gift did. An Unexpected Gift is 21k extra to In Pain and… Continue reading An Unexpected Gift is live!

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Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday

So, because An Unexpected Gift comes out this weekend. I’m going to hop over to that for this week’s Weekend Writing Warriors, Snippet Sunday and Rainbow Snippets before going back to my WiP.

This piece actually carries on from the last time I shared a snippet: Tracker has tied a not-the-least-bit-bothered Dylan to the bed and teasing him with decisions of what he might do, the last of which he said was “But which to choose?” (Punctuation a little wonky to fit)