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Feck it…

Between the death of my partner’s grandmother, the euthanizing of our cancer-ridden cat and trying to actually get through the novels that I promised to review, I’m having a hard time focusing on Dark One’s Bride. I’ve been at the stage of almost finishing chapter ten for around a month now. About the only thing… Continue reading Feck it…

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An Unexpected Gift – Pre-order Available

Yup, yup! An Expected Gift, the 21k erotic novella sequel to In Pain and Blood featuring Tracker’s point of view in all its muddle glory, is available for pre-order!

Its release will be the 31st of March, but you can order it on Amazon before then for 99c.

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A New Map…

It’s hot. Too darn hot to think about anything other than staying cool and hydrated. 30°C to be exact. That’s indoors. Not that outside is much better with the lack of wind. We’ve never had AC either and our fans are just moving the warm air around. It’s humid, too, which means we can’t even escape… Continue reading A New Map…

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Cover Changes – An Unexpected Gift

Most of my stories wind up with a mock or temporary cover as I write them, it helps me think about the theme of the story and the plot. Often, I’ll think up whole scenes whilst fluffing about with covers.   When it came to An Unexpected Gift’s cover, I wanted simple. I see the… Continue reading Cover Changes – An Unexpected Gift

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Weekend Writing Warriors – #8sunday

I’m working on a completely different piece as the novella, An Unexpected Gift, is now complete (at a little over 20k). Got it done a day or two before the New Year!

But I’m going to stick with that for now because it was fun.

The piece I’ve chosen for Weekend Writing Warriors, Snippet Sunday and Rainbow Snippets carries on from last time: Where Tracker was busily tying a not-at-all-concerned-about-it Dylan to the bed…

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2018 Goals and Other News

Happy 2018, everyone! Last year I set myself a few writing goals in the beginning of the New Year. A lot of them didn’t get done, with In Pain and Blood commanding much of my time. I did get a few more books read than 2016, but fell well short of the twelve I’d set myself…  … Continue reading 2018 Goals and Other News